Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches In 2019

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If you are a store owner and are thinking of making a foray into dropshipping business, you need to get the most profitable niche.  We will share with you some excellent ideas that will see you turn a profit.

Wireless Devices

Take a look at some of the e-commerce platforms like AliExpress, and you will see a lot of interest around wireless technology.  You can, therefore, not go wrong with entering this niche market. Industry reports show that wireless routers may achieve sales of 3.2 million dollars by 2022. The expert’s further posit that smart headphones will show a growth of up to 45% within the same period.  The exponential growth is attributable to the demand for such devices.

Wearable Devices

There is a lot of demand for wearable devices like health and fitness trackers. People are leading healthier lifestyles, and they, therefore, need the technology that can keep up with them. The audience base is also expanding, thus giving business people great potential. A cursory look at Google Trends will provide you with relevant information. Industry reports show that the market for wearable sensors could reach $1.4 million in market volume by 2022.  It translates to almost 25 billion dollars by 2022.

Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches In 2019 1

Smart Watches and Accessories

Currently, there is a 7.3% year-on-year growth in the wearable’s market.  For a drop-shipping store, you may be concerned with the technical aspects of certain items.  Such concerns could arise from issues of refunds or returns for faulty products.  However, there is potential for both personal and business users.  The experts say that within the next five years, the sale of smartwatch devices could double.  You will also find additional business avenues if you offer customization of the smartwatches.

Anti Stress Toys

While before toys were the purview of children, now they target all ages. Stress balls are trendy, especially in the corporate world.  We lead hectic, stressful lives, and that simple anti-stress toy can provide a lot of relief. You find great variety, with some suppliers exclusively dealing with such products. They also make lovely gifts, so you should not be afraid to stock up and market aggressively.

Art Material

Targeting people who have hobbies is a fantastic way to launch a dropshipping business.  Hobbies provide an enjoyable past-time, and some people have managed to turn them into successful careers. Stocking the right kind of products for arts and crafts is, therefore, an excellent business idea. Think about the cost factor when looking for a supplier because not many clients will spend too much money on hobby items. The forecast for toys and arts and crafts accessories is expected to reach the $24 million mark by 2024.

Retro Items

There is a broad consumer base that clings onto the days gone by. The retro look therefore never really goes out of style. It allows the individual to connect to their past and bring back the happy childhood years.  You will find a lot of interest in retro items ranging from Toys, clothes, interior decor items, among others.

Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches In 2019 2

Recyclable Items

The modern consumer is keen to preserve the environment. They are there for looking for sustainable ways of living, and will, therefore, gravitate towards recyclable items. Stocking up on things such as reusable shopping bags is there for a fantastic idea for a dropshipping business. 

Clothing Items

One way to enter a niche market with regards to clothing items is to focus on eco-friendly clothes. Cotton is a favorite because it is a very versatile textile that you can use all year round.

Another area of interest is on sportswear.  People want to look good when going to the gym or for their run. You will find sportswear that has some level of innovation, which are stylish and functional.

There is a lot of interest in gender-neutral clothing items. The whole idea is to empower the generations not to focus on gender differences.  You, therefore, have the opportunity to sell customized pieces,  that pass specific messaging. You can also go further by accessorizing the items with things such as badges and pins to further support equality.

Another trend that is emerging is a tribute to 90s fashion.  You will find renewed interest in accessories, clothing, and jewelry.

Another exciting trend is velvet. It makes a great gift item and will make you stand out if you adorn one of the outfits.  However do note, such things are seasonal, so make sure you understand the calendar and maximize on the periods appropriately.

Rhinestones for Makeup

Rhinestones have been in use for some time, and they have become a very popular trend in makeup.  You will, therefore, find many influencers using them online, thereby generating huge interest among the followers.  Those in the fashion industry also use them a lot.  Many people in the dropshipping industry are starting to see their business potential.  There is, however, still a lot of space for anyone who may want to try their hand.


You will not go wrong with accessories such as scarf’s, clips, headbands, gloves, among others. You may think that the market is saturated with such items. The surprising reality is that there is still a lot of potential.  Remember, the perfect outfit requires the ideal accessories. You have the opportunity to sell high-volume orders in this category.


We have looked at some excellent dropshipping ideas that are niche and will help you make a profit. The items we have highlighted above show remarkable growth potential.  Take a look at Google Trends, and you will realize what we are talking about.  What you need to make sure is you get the right supplier, so that you get high-quality products.

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