Maximize Your Profit Potential with This Drop Shipping Businesses In 2019

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There is massive potential in the dropshipping industry. However, with very high competition, you may struggle to find the right product. Whatever item you opt to sell should be niche, so that you eliminate the need for massive spend on marketing to stand out.

You should not rush the process of choosing a niche. The right one will have products that come in many styles and variations.  The items should also be unique so that customers line up to buy them.  You can, for example, find that handmade jewelry pieces may sell better than mass-produced ones.  The reason is that the handmade ones are unique, and the level of craftsmanship is usually top-notch.

Let us look at some of the items you can consider selling.


Minimalist Luggage

Many people struggle with packing for travel.  Most require all the help they can get, and you become their solution provider.   A dropshipping store owner who sells minimalist luggage is likely to do well.  You can also partner with travel companies for some affiliate marketing opportunities.

Home Gaming

Video games are very popular across the board.  It does not matter what age you are targeting; you can make some good money by having products such as mounts, gaming desks, gaming chairs, among others.  Approach PC companies so that you sell their products on your website as an affiliate.

Gym Equipment for the Home

Not everyone has the finances or time to join a gym.  There is also convenience in having your gym equipment in the house. Selling such equipment on a dropshipping business can help you turn a profit.  You can also look for business partnership opportunities with personal trainers, nutritionist, and dieticians, among others.  You get to reach a broad audience base and can offer your customers so much more than just the personal home gym equipment.

Tiny Homes

The trend right now is to embrace minimalist living.  There is, therefore, considerable interest in the trend of the small home.  Most of the buildings do not have access to furniture and fittings that are specific to the tiny houses.  Becoming the go-to person for such items is sure to increase your earning significantly.  Partner with the builders so that you refer them to the clients. It becomes a win-win situation because they will buy the items from your store.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a popular trend when it comes to dropshipping.  You can sell products such as blinds, shades, drapery curtain,s among others.  Partner with the local interior designers so that you give them referrals. They will return the favor by sending customers your way.

Smart Home Entertainment

The current trend is around smart homes, and people are looking to upgrade what they have. You will find a market for smart TVs, home theatre systems, comfortable sitting, among others.  You can get additional income by referring clients to their installation companies.  You can also earn some money through affiliate marketing for the electronic components.

Maximize Your Profit Potential with This Drop Shipping Businesses In 2019 1

 Additional Items

We will consider some of the items you should seriously think about stocking in your e-commerce store.  The popularity of these items is as per research on Google Trends, Facebook audiences, and keyword search.


Google Trends shows that there is still a lot of business potential when it comes to jewelry.  It is interesting to note that men’s jewelry is actually doing better than women’s jewelry. You will also make a killing with fine jewelry and charm bracelets.

Fashion Items

Some of the best performing fashion items are women’s wallets and bags. Next, in line come men’s wallets and bags.   Other things that are doing very well include, genuine leather items, women’s intimates, women’s swimwear, and sunglasses. You can also think about backpacks, hats, and caps, women’s shoes, women’s clothing, leggings, and socks.

Wedding, cocktail, and party dresses are also a very profitable niche.  Think about going cultural, Boho styles, Kawaii, ethnic, and Korean styles are also doing very well.

Sports Gear

Another profitable dropshipping idea is sports gear. You will find a lot of interest in sports bags and backpacks, gyming equipment and cycling accessories.


There is a lot of market potential around drones, 3D printers, wireless gadgets, headphones, and earphones.   Other items include smart wristbands and watches, camera accessories, and TVs.

Home Electronics like light fixtures and accessories, Smart home security systems, and appliances are also quite popular.

Beauty Products

The beauty product industry continues to be a multi-billion one because you can never go wrong with such items.  Makeup products, nail art supplies, and skincare treatments will always generate the kind of interest that turns into profit.

Mobile Phones and Accessories

Phone accessories are a very profitable business venture for any drop shipper.   Extend your product offering by selling phones and phone cases.

Miscellaneous Category

Other items that do very well include measuring instruments, hand tools and accessories, data storage devices, and toys. You will also not go wrong with educational toys, party supplies, pet supplies, car accessories, and car repair tools.

Art and craft supplies, fishing gear, flashlights, and baby and kids clothing are also good dropshipping ideas.


 Dropshipping will give an entrepreneur a lot of business potential.  However, you must take your time to find a niche product that will help you make a profit. You also need to find the right supplier, so that you are always sure of getting high-quality products.  The supplier should be able to fulfill your orders in the shortest time possible so that you do not keep your customers waiting.

We have shared with you some fantastic niche ideas you can consider.  Make sure you understand the potential of the product better by doing your research.  Tools such as Google Trends are a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to get into the dropshipping business.  Remember choosing the right product is not a decision you rush into.  It could make or break your business, so you really need to take your time.

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