How to Make Money with the Dropshipping Business

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Many people are turning to dropshipping as a way to make money on the online platform.  It has become prevalent because it allows for a retailer to sell products without physically handling the goods.  The supplier will store the products, and ship them directly to your customers once they purchase via your website.  It eliminates the need for warehousing or having to hire staff to help with inventory management.  What you need is an excellent ecommerce platform, good suppliers, and the right marketing techniques.


Why Is Drop Shipping A Viable Business Model?

There are very many advantages to dropshipping. It is easy to set up, and you do not require the kind of capital you need if you were setting up a traditional business.   As we have already stated above, as a retailer, you do not handle the stock.  The cost you will incur is that of setting up a good e-commerce platform.  However, with platforms such as Shopify, you will find the process very easy.  You will also get many apps that will make it very easy for you to run your business.

Dropshipping allows you to get access to very many suppliers.  You, therefore, have a lot of variety and different pricing options.

You, however, need to be careful about certain factors that could impact on the running of your business.  Some sellers are very unprofessional, you may get low-quality products, and some of the suppliers will not give you excellent customer support.  You may also find that you are unable to make high profit margins because of the supplier costs.

There is also a high level of online competition, and you need to set yourself apart.  One way is to have a very niche product or do aggressive marketing to raise awareness of your company.

examples for Shopify dropshipping stores

How to Make Money with Dropshipping

There are some steps you must take to make money with dropshipping.  These include:-

Picking the Right Products

Choosing the right products requires that you do your market research to understand what the customers are looking for.  There has to be demand for your product, and if possible, get into a very niche area.  Selling a niche product will ensure that you do not have a lot of competition.

Be careful about the suppliers you work with, and that is why you have to do your research thoroughly.  Pay attention to customer reviews and testimonials to get an indication of the type of service the supplier offers. You must get samples to ensure that what you are selling is of good quality.


Understand the target market

Do not think about going into any business without having a good understanding of the market.  You must determine whether there is demand for the product you want to sell.  Check if there is a need which will allow you to come in as the solution provider. Having a good understanding of the market trends will also help you.  You may, for example, find that certain products will move during certain times of the year.  Tools such as Google Trends can give you a lot of information. Having information about the right keywords will also let you know what people are searching for.

Develop a customer persona, taking into consideration factors such as age, sex, education, income levels, where they shop, among others.  It will help you target the right customer with the appropriate products.

How to Make Money with the Dropshipping Business 1

See What Your Competitors Are Doing

You will get a lot of information by keeping a close watch on what your competitors are doing. See what kind of products they stock. Find out which platforms they use other than their ecommerce platforms. You will, for example, find some operating on eBay Amazon, Etsy, and Alibaba, among others.   You should also buy from competitors. It will give you a chance to see how the products look when it gets to the customer.


Have a Good Marketing Strategy

Having a good marketing strategy will elevate you above the competition. Remember there’s a lot of competition in the online platform, and you can be sure that the competitors are doing everything they can to raise awareness of themselves.  You must, therefore, invest in marketing your business well.  Use your social media platforms, blog content, and analog advertising, among others.  Optimize your website for SEO and mobile; it will help improve your rankings on the search engines.


Find the Right Supplier

The success of the entire business operation depends on finding the right supplier. They should be able to give you access to a variety of products. They should also be able to fulfill your orders efficiently. You must remember at the end of the day the customer is buying from you and not your supplier. If you’re not able to fulfill the orders, your reputation will suffer. Yet, you depend heavily on the supplier to keep their word that they will deliver the products. When looking for a supplier, ensure you pay attention to the following:-

  • The supplier should have a good market reputation built from years of experience
  • customer reviews and testimonials should be very positive
  • You should be able to integrate your platform with the dropshippers to increase the efficiency
  • They should always be willing to go the extra mile to fulfill your orders
  • The dropshippers should give you a wide variety of products that have outstanding quality
  • pricing should be friendly so that you have some room to make a profit

The onus is on you to do your due diligence before working with any supplier.


It is possible to make some good money with dropshipping. But, just like any other business, you need to take your time to make sure you have all your processes in order.  We have shared with you some of the things you need to consider.  Otherwise good luck in your dropshipping business.

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