Best Dropshipping Suppliers: How to Find Them

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You may have a fantastic product and are ready to sell.  You are sure that the market needs what you have and are therefore raring to go.  It is essential to find dropshipping suppliers who will give you high-quality service, thus ensuring that you succeed in your business.   Our article below will share with you excellent tips on how to find the best suppliers.

Steps to Getting the Right Dropshipping Supplier


Many factors go into finding the best dropshipping supplier. It will depend on the product you are selling.   You need to consider factors such as pricing, shipping, the number of suppliers you have access to, ability to integrate with your e-commerce platforms, among others.  Let us look at some of the steps you need to take below.

· Do Your Research

There are many dropshipping suppliers in the market, and you need to get the one that suits the kind of business you are going into. You have the option of overseas or domestic suppliers, all dealing with various niches. The factors to consider would be the kind of raw material you will need, timelines with regards to delivery and their potential for excellent service.


· Talk to the Suppliers

Once you have established the supplier you want to work with, it is time to initiate conversation.  When you talk to them, you can ask all the relevant questions you may have.  Do not be afraid to get as much information as you possibly can.  You should also ask for a list of customers that you can contact for reference purposes. Be wary about working with anyone who is not ready to divulge that information. The best way to know whether or not they can provide excellent service is by talking to some of their customers.

By getting to know the suppliers better, you should be able to narrow down your list to at least three suppliers.

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· Get Some Samples

It is essential that before you make any large orders, you get some samples. It will allow you to test the quality of the product and the kind of service delivery you can expect. It also gives you room to address any issues you may have well in advance.

· See What Your Competitors Are Buying

If you know that you have some competitors who are buying from the same supplier, order some products from them. It will give you a chance to see how they are packaging the products and what kind of service they offer. They could, for instance, do custom packaging for their customers.  It is also a learning opportunity for you to see what you need to do better than competitors.

· Decide On the Supplier You Want To Work With

After you have taken the steps above, it should be easy for you to choose the suppliers you want to work with.  You may, for example, find that some suppliers have excellent reviews but you find that working with them is difficult. It will give you an indication that they may have paid for those reviews, or posted them on their own.

The supplier you choose should be able to offer you the following:-

· Product Options

Get a supplier who will give you a variety of unique items that cater directly to your needs.  It would require that you have proper knowledge of what you are selling. You may, for example, buy popular products from a dropshipping supplier, only to realize that you can get the same item from other retailers at a lower price.  You, therefore, need to do your market research well.

· Customer Support

Make sure your supplier has excellent customer support.  They should be able to give you prompt feedback to any issues you may have. You also want a supplier who will provide you with timely alerts when they stock new products that you may be interested in.

· Online Store Integration

The dropshipping supplier should be able to integrate with your online store seamlessly.  It will save you valuable time with things like inventory management, ordering of products, and easing customer transactions.

· Multi-Channel Platforms

Having a good ecommerce platform is essential for selling your products.  You also need to be able to integrate your store to multiple channels like Amazon and eBay. Platforms such as Shopify allow for these, and you get to move your product from various platforms.  Work with the dropshipping suppliers who will allow you to sell on different platforms.

· Shipping and Pricing Options

Shipping costs will impact profoundly on the final pricing of your products.  Be careful about the one you choose because if their shipping costs are too high, you will have to pass the cost onto your customers.  It will make the price of your products too high.

dropshipping advantages disadvantages

· Dropshipping Suppliers to Avoid

There are some suppliers you should never work with. Check for the following;-

  • They have a lot of negative  reviews from dissatisfied customers
  •  the quality of the products  are poor; that is why we insist that you should get  samples from the suppliers
  •  if it is a directory supplier
  •  If the supplier insists on monthly or ongoing fees
  • Those with very high pre-order fees – do note though, pre-order fees are standard and may vary, depending on the product complexity and order size.  However, some will insist on charging very high fees which could be a red flag

· Consider Working with Multiple Suppliers

You can work with single or multiple suppliers.  You may want to consider working with the latter for several reasons including:-

  • You get to have a broader range of products, thus more variety for your store.
  •  You get to build your supplier network and build lasting business relationships.  you will find that it benefits you greatly when you decide to scale a business
  • You have more price and quality options


Use our guide above when you are searching for a dropshipping supplier.

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