High-converting Examples for Shopify Dropshipping Stores That You Can Copy

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Everyone knows that running an online business is incredibly difficult and that it requires a lot from the business owner, and a lot of people simply don’t want to deal with all of the struggles. Because of that a lot of people decide to go for a dropshipping business, that won’t require them to deal with different parts of the business, like product and inventory management, storage and so on.

One thing that remains the same, no matter what kind of online business you have, is that you have to really focus on the way that your website looks. First impressions are incredibly important, and you want to make sure you are leaving the right one. A great tool to use in this case is the Shopify eCommerce platform, which also doubles as a website builder.

You get a ton of benefits by using Shopify, but one of the best ones is an incredible looking website.

If you are not sure which elements your dropshipping site needs to have, then make sure to keep reading because we are going to be giving you some example/ inspiration for Shopify dropshipping stores, as well as what you definitely shouldn’t do if you want your site to be successful.


BlueCrate – Conversion and Facebook Ads for Dropshipping

The first website that we are going to talk about is Blue Crate. What we love about their site is that it is really unique and the fact that they like to do things in their own unique way. One of the most striking things about them are their Facebook videos.

They actually use Facebook as one of their main advertising platforms, and that is something that you should consider because it will save you a lot of money.

In fact, BlueCrate have their own Facebook page where they post self-made videos that cover a lot of different topics. Of course, most of the videos have to do with dropshipping websites and different case studies in regards to that, however they make them in a very fun and educational manner. They also post their videos on other, bigger pages and that is also a big part of why they have so much traffic. The next thing that they use, that we feel you should as well, are product images.

Again, just one look at their site will show you that they take these pictures themselves, but they are still of incredible quality. Good pictures can make the difference between a sale and a lost sale, so it’s a good idea to take your own images instead of using the ones that your supplier will send you.

This is great because it will give you a chance to really show off the product in the best light possible.

High-converting Examples for Shopify Dropshipping Stores That You Can Copy 1


Dog Pawty – Perfect Example for Dropshipping Niche Inspiration

This next example for a Shopify dropshipping website is one that isn’t general, and actually focuses on a certain niche. As you can probably guess by the name of the site itself, the niche that they are into is the dog niche, which is one of our personal favorite ones, but also one of the most profitable ones out there.

There are a couple of things that are really striking about their page and we think you should implement to yours. The first thing is that you can clearly see links to their social media pages. This makes it very easy for customers to check them out, because a lot of people will go on social media to check out a brand anyway before they make a purchase.

Just by opening their Facebook and Instagram pages you can see that they have over 300.000 follower, and there has to be a reason for that. If you are someone that also has a lot of followers on your business social media pages, be sure to advertise them on your website because it will definitely help with sales. Another thing that we love about this website is that they offer color selecting.

This is a very minor thing, but we actually think that it makes a huge difference. Instead of having the color names written out next to the products, they actually have little colored dots which the customers can press in order to see what the product will look like.

Sometimes, it really is the small things that make all the difference, and Dog Pawty proves that.

High-converting Examples for Shopify Dropshipping Stores That You Can Copy 2


What not to do with your dropshipping website

Now that we have shown you two great Shopify dropshipping websites to inspire you, we also feel it is important that we show you what you definitely shouldn’t do. The website that we are going to be taking a look at is called Shopolis, but you probably won’t be able to find it since it has been offline for a while now.

The reason why we are taking this as an example is the fact that 98% of their reviews are bad, and when you see something like that, there has to be a reason for it. What we could gather from reading all of the reviews is that the company simply didn’t have good customer service, and this is the biggest lesson to learn here.

Customer service is everything when you are a business owner and you need to make sure that it is on point, all the way through from the order, to dispatching and finally to the delivery. Even though you are sending the order through to be processed by someone else, you are still the one that is responsible in the eyes of your customers, and you need to show them that you care and that value their money.

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do for your website can be difficult if you are just starting out, however examples of converting dropshipping websites are the way to go if you are in need of some inspiration. Make sure to check out the sites that we mentioned so that you get a better idea of why they are doing so well and why we love them, and also make sure to remember that customer service should come first because you don’t want to fail your customers.

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